ParaNorman - In Theaters August 17th

July 23, 2012

You Don't Become a Hero By Being Normal

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We love movies, and we love movies even more when they are entertaining and carry a message that our kids can learn and grow from. That's why we are excited to see ParaNorman, a movie that celebrates the "uniqueness" in all of us. Take a look at the trailer below.

We all have special gifts that make us unique and it is these differences that make us great. ParaNorman is about a misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead. Norman, the hero, is a different kind of kid living in a town that doesn’t understand him or his unusual talents.  But when the going gets tough it is his unique gift that can save them.

He doesn’t only save the town from the invaders, but also from their own ignorance. In his quest, he learns that those labeled as “different,” and are taunted as being so, are often the most unique and inspiring individuals you could meet. In a world that often seems bent on stamping out the odd and unusual and smoothing out the edges, Norman represents a triumph of uniqueness and passion over blandness and “normality.”

LAIKA, the animation studio that produced ParaNorman, is a community of artists and technicians who create original animated content. The theme throughout the movie also parallels the heart of LAIKA studios a place full of “misfit” people telling “misfit” stories. Watch the video below for a unique look at the filmmakers perspectives.

Embracing the “#WeirdWins” anthem means exploring the idea that you don’t have to fit in to be great. In fact, sometimes our most unique qualities are the very things that make us great and being remarkable in your own unique way is better than being normal.  ParaNorman, an all-new frightfully funny, magically emotional, and hilariously spooky story creeps into theatres on August 17th.

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