Virtual Road Trip!

October 7, 2010

Exploring Our World With Your Kids

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I especially love sharing with my MacKid readers about great online, enrichment resources for our kids that are free!  I came across another Road Trip resource that allows your kids to learn about international travel from home!  A series of books and also a cool website, Mike’s Adventure Packs Adventure Guide is a fun learning tool for kids. Author Amanda Salzman has created a colorful guide to the planet with stops on every continent. Not only is it a great geography resource, it is also an interesting and useful traveler’s guide. Full of suggestions on how to travel, what to pack, and how to plan, Mike’s Adventure Packs Adventure Guide also introduces the would-be adventurer to what to expect at the airport, how to board a plane, train travel, and other essential information for successful and enjoyable travel.  The series includes far off destinations including Germany, France, England, and Greece!  The books are geared towards kids between the ages of 8 and 14.  The books can be purchased online but the compatible website is totally free if you and your kids would just like to check it out!  Have fun!


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